It's 12 am on the east coast, which means it's now officially December 2nd! I declare it Reaping Day! Here are the links to buy:

Buy the ebook: Amazon | Apple | B&N  | Smashwords
Buy the paperback: Amazon | CreateSpace

Please keep any spoilers to yourselves for the first few weeks to give people a chance to read it. Spreading the word about the trilogy, though, is definitely allowed :)

Thank you everyone, for being awesome readers and seeing this journey through to the end with me. You're amazing!


lisa a gunther
02/10/2014 11:07pm

I just had to say something about The Burn series. I.m laid up at home so I have had a good deal of time on my hands and it's a good thing I love reading. I began your series and I was instantly hooked. You managed, quite well, I might add, to draw me in quickly and make me care about the characters. You have an immense and powerful gift and I can't wait to become swept away by MORE....KUDOS Miss Oldham!!!!


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