Can I just say I love my beta readers? I got my feedback on The Reaping back from them, and every one of their suggestions was spot-on. Something inconsistent with the story? Yup, they found it. Something out of character? Yes, that too. Something too short or too long? They're so good at telling me where to improve it.

So I've been busy this week making changes. I'll spend the rest of this week and partway into next week on that, and then it's out of my hands once again and off to my editor for proofreading.

And something for you to look forward to? Oh, just that there will be a cover reveal coming up on October 1st. That's right...check back to see the wonderful cover Renee Barratt made for the final installment in The Burn trilogy!


09/29/2013 8:30pm

Can't wait! Love the series.


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